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Collecting baseball cards can be an asset if you invest and collect in a wise manner and learn the ins and outs of numerous baseball card auctions. The treasure some baseball cards may fetch may in turn be a fortune if you can keep them sealed and unopened for 5-10 years. Due to the grace of technology and the internet any collector can trade on a day to day basis with new deals consistently presenting themselves in online baseball card auctions. There are numerous baseball cards auction sites where you can sell or buy without a physical presence and if the timing is right you can find yourself a great deal. If you are tech savvy, then you can design your own website, blog or baseball cards auction and sell your baseball cards. However, remember that most of those who can earn a small fortune through baseball cards are usually dedicated collectors who are able to collect unopened vintage packs boxes and cases with the ability of keeping them unopened for years to come. Only a few are lucky enough to stumble on a baseball cards auction and score a hidden gem. There are droves of treasured vintage baseball cards collections throughout the entire country stored away in attacks, garages and storage units.

Even though you can refer to a price guide to know the value of basically every card of every year, collecting remains as a hobby for many of us. It’s a Hobby that contains addictive properties which like everything else, you must learn to spend your money wisely and do diligent research to make the most of your profits when bidding in baseball cards auctions. Having self-control and sticking to your budget regimen always helps. Generally, a collectable Topps baseball card pack costs a minimum of $8.00. You can also invest on full unopened box which usually contains on average about 24 full packs. Investing on a full box is by far the smarter option. Where you will have to spend less for each pack, and there is a better chance the packs inside a sealed box have not been tampered with by other shady so-called collectors. This also increases your chances for pulling out some rare and valuable baseball cards if you decide to open a few packs and keep a few sealed. Make sure you visit the garage and estate sales as frequently as possible to find the best deals possible and maximize your profits if you decide to do some selling in one of the baseball cards auctions. You should always try to stick with a pre-set budget for several reasons, but I find the most important reason to be if you find the deal of a lifetime in an auction you will have the funds to purchase it. 

1972 Topps "Willie Mays" San Francisco Giants #49 Near Mint

1972 Topps "Willie Mays" San Francisco Giants #49 Near Mint

Topps Baseball Cards Auction Values

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Topps 1981 Vintage Wax Packs

 Topps baseball cards retain and increase in value better than any other Baseball Card manufacturer. Making topps the ideal gift for any baseball card enthusiast or collector. We offer a variety of Unopened Topps baseball cards including Topps wax packs, rack packs, grocery packs, cello packs and morel. 

Sealed 1983 Topps Baseball Grocery Rack Packs

Sealed 1983 Topps Baseball Grocery Rack Packs


The 1982 Topps baseball card set had a total of 792 cards, that is 66 more than the prior year. Topps produced 792 baseball card sets until 1994 (with the exception of an 825 baseball card set in 1993 set) The cards were issued in wax packs, rack packs, grocery packs and cello packs.

Topps Unopened 1981 Baseball Grocery Packs

Topps Unopened 1981 Baseball Grocery Packs

The 1981 Topps baseball card set had a total of 726 cards, the cards were issued in wax packs, rack packs, grocery packs, cello packs and vending boxes. Subsets in the 1981 Topps collection included League Leaders, Record Breakers, Post Season, and Team checklist


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